The Life Of My Mustang

My Father and I purchased my Mustang from a private owner in July, '09. I was so excited to have my first stang even if it was a v6. I grew up in the garage with my dad working on the older models. I received my first speeding ticket in it and unfortunately got in my first bad accident in it also. I was in a 4 vehicle accident on a bridge in my hometown in Jan and was very much upset. I cried not because i was worried bout my health and had to go to the hospital because i had a collapsed the previous month but because i wrecked my first stang. The only thing that survived out of the front damage was the Mustang "pony" badge that goes right on the front. I blame my dad because i think he jinxed me saying "Now that you have your first stang... don't wreck it". Well needless to say i sold it to a guy a couple towns over for parts and Fords do live forever because my stang actually started up and we drove it on the trailer when i sold it... I'm a Ford Fan till the day i die
Tarren 11/17/2010
its suppost to say*** Collapsed Lung***