The I4, V6 And The V8.

By Brad P.

I love my Fords! They May Be 20 Years Old, But They're Still Working As Hard As They Ever Have. I have 3 right now, my '93 Explorer Sport, and my '91 Mustang SC/302 and Escort GT. Despite all these cars being 20 years old they all still have under 200,000 miles and they all run great. My Explorer is my daily driver and she gets me 25+mpg. Not too fantastic compared to today's Escape (The new Escape is the old Explorer in my opinion, they're the same size), but its pretty decent. My Escort gets a fantastic 34+mpg, you just gotta love how far a small engine with a light car can take you. I even use her as my rally race car, and she still gets that good of gas mileage. Then there's my Mustang, she only gets about 15 mpg, maybe 18 on a good day, but that's not horrible considering she's a supercharged beast. Moral of the story is: I've bled blue ever since I was born, and I will till the day I die!