The Grey Ghost

I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding service I received from my 2010 Mustang GT Coupe.
I, and my wife Connie, purchased our Mustang GT Coupe from an excellent salesman, Patrick Wellman, at Galpin Ford in North Hills California in March of 2011. The “Grey Ghost” as we are fond of calling the Grey Mustang was sitting on the new car lot and looked so different than all of the other fine Mustangs in the stable. The Grey Ghost was extremely good looking and filled with amenities. It looked and ran like a Roush, handled like a Saleen and had the coolest Hansen Racing Equipment 20” wheels ever put on a car!
We purchased the Mustang late that evening and brought it back after a few days to finish out the detailing at Galpin Auto Sports (GAS). We were very delighted to find out from GAS manager, Steve McCord that the car we bought was actually the “Star” car built by Team Detroit and GAS for the 2011 Mustang launch. The car was everything I ever wanted in a car. It had the looks, glass roof, power, every amenity imaginable and lastly the safety equipment you would expect in a well-rounded “pony” car.
I thought how lucky we were to purchase such a wonderful vehicle that looked so great and ran so well. I gave no real thought to the safety equipment that Ford unobtrusively installed in the vehicle until I found myself upside down in a ditch from a rollover accident in August of this year. Through no fault of my own, I was forced to make a hard left turn at 50 mph to avoid a head-on collision on a two lane road.
The other driver’s vehicle impacted the Grey Ghost in the right rear quarter panel and sent it spinning off the road and into a ditch where the vehicle began to roll side over side. Initially, I heard and saw the passenger side air bag fire off as the vehicle reeled from the impact of the other vehicle and started the rollover. As it started the rollover, I shut the ignition off, threw the shifter into neutral, and grasped the seat belt with one arm tucked over the other to keep my hands away from the steering wheel. When the driver’s side hit the ground, the driver’s side air bag went off, protecting my head from the “C” pillar.
When the Grey Ghost stopped rolling, I was inverted and hanging in the seat belt. I was amazed by a voice asking me if I need to call 911. It was the 911 assist on my Mustang! I said “Yes” and it sent the message to 911.
Sadly, the Grey Ghost was a total loss, bending and crushing every panel on the entire vehicle. However, I walked away from a really bad accident with little to no injury to myself thanks to all of the fine safety features and the structural technology that Ford put into that vehicle. I would like to thank you and all of the engineers that put their time and effort into making such a beautiful safe vehicle. I hated to see the car get so torn up, but it gave it up to save me.
Yes, I went back to Galpin and Patrick Wellman and bought another Mustang…This time, a Gotta Have It Green 2013 Boss 302.. Again, Thank You Very Much for building such wonderful cars!

Wally Haynes