The Ford Birthday Present That Keeps On Giving

In 2004 my wife became focused on the release of the newly designed Mustang set to be released in 2005. The research began and I too soon became not only captivated but obsessed on this new vehicle. Our first surprise was assuming the base black V6 would suffice, and although fun to drive, our second test drive in a "red fire" painted GT left no doubt- we must have it. When we found out the vehicle was spoken for, we were crushed, only to be delighted when the deal fell through- we were next in line! We purchased our new GT in mid March of 2005 when there were none to be found in our area. Driving into a parking lot, you would think we owned a high end sports car, the head turns never stopped! Our car was the only GT on the lot and in March of 2005 and soon became the hottest item in town. I cannot tell you have how many folks have commented on it while fueling up. "How do you like?" or "Nice car man!” I have washed and cared for this car through the years like it was my fourth daughter! With nearly 107,000 miles later, a drive from NH to MO in 2010, countless trips to the ocean in Maine- this car is the most fun, reliable, classy vehicle either of us has ever owned. As our last daughter finishes high school, she demands to be dropped off in our GT, never our pickup. Although 6 years old, and a few minor blemishes, a quick look and you would think we just bought it. We consider ourselves a Ford family and with quality like this, we will remain family. With the title in hand, the only question remains, when do we get another one? Drive on Mustang, drive on!