The Family's First Gt

By John B.

I was almost disowned by my father wen I bought my 2006 Mustang GT a few years back. You see, Our family has been a 'Vette family since 1963. MY dad had a '63 split window coupe, sidepipes, 327 four speed that would bark every gear. It was a nice sportster. He then got a '69 327 and the final one (which he still owns) is a '79 L-82. He nearly hit the floor when I told him about buying a Mustang GT. Naturally an impromptu "competition" took place and the GT smoked the 'Vette. My father now has a new found admiration for the Mustang and he always wants to drive it when I visit him in (of all places) Bowling Green, KY at the Corvette Museum. I have to park in general Parking and he gets to park in the speciai "Corvette Only" parking lot.