The Car With A Heart

I knew when i test drove her that day..she was the one. To step back a moment.. I had always been the typical soccer/football/cheerleader/chauffer mom. Though I did have the coolest 4x4 green Ford Aerostar was still a van. We toted surf boards and were always on the go. I wanted more..Kids grew up..I wanted too as well. I needed a car to fit my personality..Test drove my mustang and knew there was no looking further. I did have to comprimise for the V-6 and interior color..but it was still good. My black beauty taught all 4 of my kids to drive. She went to each prom, big date nights and saw a few policeman along the way. Also took my beloved dog and friend for a liftime of rides. She has always been ready for whatever was required: surf racks, equiptment, dogs..u name shes hauled. Amazing what I've toted in that vehicle even when I was told "No way that's gonna fit"
10 yrs later..the kids are grown..she has 230,000 miles this week. i luv her as much today as I did then. Hope to get 300,000 plus. She could use a face lift but her heart is strong..she still runs good.
I've looked at 2011 mustangs..i like'em..we'll see. Even if I get another mustang..hopefully my Black will still be around for my everyday car. I'll use the new one when going out. on the town. Thanks Ford for the great memories my car has given. She's tough, she's reliable and well .. I do look good behind the wheel!