The Car My Parents Would Never Let Me Have

so when I was of the age to get a car it was a struggle for what car my mom and dad would let me have, I wanted a Mustang not just any Mustang but a GT! but since mom and dad were paying for the insurance we looked around for a 4banger uggggggg. but I made do with a 93 Ford Probe I bought off my brother in law instantly falling in love with Ford. As I have grown older I still never let go of my dream to have the car I have always wanted. I am 26 now and married and a proud owner of a Green (fav color)99 Mustang Gt Convertible that I bought off of the same brother in law it only has 36000 miles on it and its first ride was from his house in NC to mine all the way in Oklahoma, what a ride! its everything I wanted and more I love ford and will hold on to this GEM for times to come thanks to Ford and my Awesome Bro in law!