The Brave Little Mustang

I am a single mother of one son, Eric, who is 17 years old. Despite being a single mother, I have always striven to ensure that my son has a good quality of life and is not deprived of necessities. When my son got his license, he was wanted a nice car to get around in. Being a teenager, he was drawn towards sportier vehicles. Being a mother, I wanted to ensure that I struck a good balance between getting a nice car and getting a safe one.

Eventually, my son found a used 2008 Mustang that he was interested in. I took a look car, and while it seemed to be a great purchase, I was still concerned about safety, as although my son would not be the primary driver, he was not very experienced. I checked into the various safety features of Mustangs and found that the 2008 Mustang had a Five Star crash rating from various automobile rating entities. It was this that sold me on the purchase. It allowed my son to have the type of car he wanted and it allowed me to feel more secure during the times he would be driving it.

On January 8, my son was hit while making a left turn by a driver who had run a red light. Although the car was severely damaged, my son and his two friends were able to walk away from the accident unharmed.

Afterwards, I could see for myself that the Mustang took quite a hit. The technician at the body shop where the car was taken mentioned that the car was hit with such force that the steel unibody frame was severely bent, indicating that the Mustang was stuck by someone going at an excessive rate of speed. In fact, the technician commented to me that he was surprised that anyone walked away from this type of accident without injury.

The more I viewed the car, the more I realized how important a five star crash rating is. I truly believe that the safety features in your vehicle are what saved my son and his friends from severe injury and even death. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that Ford ensures such a high level of safety in its vehicles.

While the Mustang itself was a total loss (with over $20,000 in damage), I am so very thankful that I still have my son. While conventional wisdom might tell you that a sportier vehicle might sacrifice some levels of safety, my experience with your Mustang has proven to me that Ford takes safety seriously, and that a crash rating is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing any vehicle.

I want to extend a very special thank you to all at Ford who helped to create the Mustang. Your dedication allowed my son and his friends to walk away from what could have been a total tragedy, and that is worth more than anything to me.

Travis Smith 05/27/2011
Wonderful story, they are very lucky to walk away from an accident like that one, my 1989 ford probe was smashed in the front fender at about 40 mph and I only got a little bump on the head. The damages aren't that bad but the frame is bent and is going to cost a lot to fix. I noticed that the car frame took the beating and I got out perfectly fine. I definitely understand that Ford has always been focused on there safety equipment on all their vehicles.