The Boss (My Dad)

By Pete S.

I grew up hearing stories from my dad about his 69' Mustang and all the cane he raised in it. 40 years later all he can do is talk about buying another one. Well to make the story short he finally did, the 2012 Boss 302. I asked him if it brought back any memories from his 69' and all he could say well he didn't really say anything all he did was smile and pull 4th gear and mash it. I didn't really need words to know this was the most BA car on the road. We're both car guys and respect a car no matter what make it is but hands down the 2012 Boss 302 is the BOSS of the curvy country roads. Most bang for the buck car you can buy.
T Craig-P71CV 09/24/2011
My older brother just picked up his new 2012 Boss 302 a couple of weeks ago and he loves it. He's been saving for years for his mid-life crisis car and when he saw the Boss 302 he knew that was it. He saved his money and paid cash so there is no way Ford can ever repo it from him. His is the dark blue with the white stripes. The part of owning his new car that makes him even happier is that neither his wife or kids can drive manual so he has the Boss all to himself. Since my brother lives a thousand miles away the closest I can get to it is the pictures he emailed.