The Beast

Not much to say other then ther is nothing and I mean nothing that compares to a roar of a 4.6 WOT or the old 5.0 coming at you. Ihave in one way or another been a Mustang owner since the 90's. I had one the was a old Fox Body and that car was legendary from back East in Cambridge MD. where I was born. Oh my God what a car and Ford it continued with a 98' GT that I had modified from the heads down. Now again I am the proud owner'well me and the bank' of a 04 Mach1. I can't wait to get started on the modifications on this beast. When I bought her she already has Brembo's and Eibach's on her so I'm going to add mass air and exhaust for now and than the ol evil 600wrhp Procharger.....Scatter zoom Rice Burners beware!
Big J and "The Beast" are lurking.
Thanks Ford and the SVT and Ford Racing for a mean Machine that just lives forever.
James B From Vegas Baby!
Dave E 04/22/2012
Hot and Beautiful!