The Adams Ford Story

We bought our first Mustang in 1967. A Candy Apple Red with white leather interior and stick shift. We kept the car for 7 years. Our daughter drove it to college and kept it another 3 years. About 8 years ago we got a call from a couple in Napa who had just purchased the car and found our name as the orginal owners and they were going to restore it and wanted all the details as to the original color, etc. Wish we still had the car. I believe the year was 1968 when my sister won a Mustang convertable in a national contest sponsored by BFGoodrich rubber company. She bought a pair of shoes with rubber soles by Goodrich and filled out a coupon at the cashiers desk. Out of a million or more entries, she was one of two winners. she still has the car with under 50 thousand miles on it. It sits in her garage. I'm now on my 3rd Taurus, with two in the garage now, a cinammon 2010 with 6 thousand miles and a silver1996 with 45 thousand miles. Also owned 3 Ford LTD's and when I met my husband to be he had a 1948 Ford. Wish we still had that one also. Well, that's our Ford story.
Paula M. 11/16/2011
Wow, talk about a 'Ford Story' Sounds like they should be the next recipient of a 'Ford Reward'!!! Great Story Kathleen~talk about an all-American gal