Thats A Seven Thousand Dollar Paint Job!

I bought my dream car two years prior to this paint job. It was antique maroon and I wanted to paint it Pearl White w/Pink Pearl racing stripes, The pink was to be breast cancer awearness pink because I wanted to show that I am a hudge supporter for the cause. Being disabled and not working this was all a dream. Until one day in July this man hit me in the passanger side of my car. We both had AAA insurance so the prosses when smooth. I was able to get the paint job I had been wishing for. It cost me a couple thousand out of my pocket,but I figured it would be worth every penny. Three months later I finally get my car back and I was heart broken that someone could take advantage of me the way he did. Especially knowing my purpose for the color scheme I chose. Getting sick shortly after that I missed my window to take him to court so he gets away with it again. I found out he has done this to many customers. I still love my car and drive it proudly every day.
Chris H 10/11/2012
Was the problem that he took three months, that it cost 7k or both? I'm confused. It certainly looks like a nice paint job in any case.