Studying To Reach A Dream Car

Since my childhood i loved the Ford Mustang. i remember seeing a red 1996 convertible parked next to my dad's 1990 Town Car, i asked my dad "whats the name of this amazing car" he simply said its a Mustang" after that Mustang became my great love.
Years and Years have passed, i did well in school and i got a scholarship to study abroad, my dad was so proud of me and he said "Son if you do well in your study's i will get you the Mustang". when i went abroad every time i feel homesick, tired or bored with my study's i look at a Mustang poster it keeps me going like a V8. after 4 years i went back home and i achieved an excellent degree, everyone is proud of me especially my dad, i told him "dad do you remember the promise" he said "lets get the pony". on the 2nd of November 2011 my great dad bought me a beautiful 2012 Mustang 5.0 and here its parked next to my dad's 1990 Town Car 5.0. Thank you dad and thank you Ford you made achieve both a great degree and a legendary car.
Charlton Gomes 01/01/2012
That's so cool! Too bad we don't have Mustangs sold here in our country. Congrats on your new ride!