Saved Our Daughter & Friend's Life

Last week my daughter and her friend were driving on our inerstate 490, When a tractor trailor didn't see her and cut her off. He clipped her front end and she was sent into a spin, tearing off her whole passenger side of her 2004 Mustang and spun right into the guard rail. The car was totalled but both girls escaped the crash with only bumps, bruises, and very achey. When we went to see the car afterwards, we noticed the bar in the door is what saved them, and it wasn't even bent. Thank you Ford, for making safety a priority in all you vehicles. Needless to say, we are out looking for another Ford to replace hers.
William H 05/16/2012
very confident with her new Suv crossover. Thank God and Mustang safety enginers! I still have my beautiful daughter! Safty 1st even in a mustang! Thank you
Emanuel Cintas 01/31/2012
Awesome! Mustang's rules, thank god everybody is OK.