Sally And Danny Get Married In A Mustang

My brother Danny got married in a light green Mustang coupe in 1966 on the side of the road in Macomb, Mississippi. He and his girlfriend Sarah were attending Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA and the Vietnam war was in its peak. They had a marriage license and asked "little Eddie" if he would drive them to Mississippi to find a minister. Little Eddie had a veilmist green 64 1/2 Mustang and off they went. While driving in Macomb, they spotted a man milking a cow and asked if he knew someone who could marry them. He said he was an ordained minister and he could do it. Being polite they climbed in the back seat and figured he would show them the way to his church. He began the ceremony and in a matter of minutes they were married right there in the Mustang. They remained married up until Sally passed away three years ago. Danny passed away last month. In all the years we never called her "Mustang Sally". We own three Mustangs today, a 2010 Red GT, a 95 Coupe and a blue and silver 71 Mach 1. My wife and I did a 6000 mile trip for Mustangs Across America and the Mca birthday in Charlotte. Many thanks to Steve Saleen and Jack Roush for being such wonderful hosts on both ends of America. Tommy and Donna Gayer, Bossier City, LA.