Safety In A Crash

Hi my name is Trish Norman. We own a 2005 6 cylinder automatic screaming yellow Mustang. On November 17th 2010 I was rear ended in my baby she has over 9000 in damage and it is very sad I don't know what they are going to do to her yet. It breaks my heart because she is a great car and my husband and I have enjoyed her for 4 years now. The little kids loved her because they always said bumble when ever they saw her they were in awe with it. The main reason I am writing is to let you know when I was hit I was probably doing 40 and the car that hit me was doing at least 60. I have to say yes the rear end mostly on the drivers side was damaged badly, But the safety of it was remarkable. My passenger had little to no injury's and me I have some because of a previous injury other wise I am fine. With that kind of impact a lot of cars it would have been devastating. I feel that the Mustang is a great car and safe THANK YOU. Yes I am in mourning We may lose a great car that we Loved.