Road Trip Of Acquaintance

By Josh S.

Yesterday, I finished the break in road trip I took in the first car I've ever owned, a 2009 Mustang GT. Having recently completed my Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and requireing means of getting to work I decided to find a new friend. The decision was a no-brainer, as I have always admired the Mustang and the breed has a history in my family, my mom having had 2 herself, my dad with 2 in his garage, as well as my sister who tooled around in one 10 years ago.

On Wednesday of last week, I signed the final paperwork at the dealership and we began our first journey together, departing the dealership in Syracuse, NY with the final destination being the Maine coast to return my grandmother to her home. This proved to be a great time to get to know both the new friend and my grandmother who I have not had the chance to spend much time with. Not only did the car run like a dream, but proved to be very comfortable on the long drive for both my grandmother and myself, as well as accomodating all the luggage.

Returning from Jefferson, ME I made stops along in Freeport, Wiscasset, and Portland ME to visit Gritty McDuff's, the ultimate destination of a past motorcycle trip with an old roommate. A day of true self indulgence, filled with a great drive, a great car, a great burger, and a delicious Pub Ale. After 1300 miles, I have returned home to Watkins Glen, where I anxiously await our new adventures.