Riding Through The Storm, Mustang Style

Recently or community was without power for a week do to a horrible storm. When the storm hit with its high winds and lightning, me and my Mom had both our Mustangs at a Cruise-in in Roanoke Virginia about 60 miles from home. We could tell it was getting really dark due to the clouds and knew it was time to go. Just as we were getting in our Mustang to go down the main strip were the cruise-in was we could see lightning and everything was flying through the air. The power had gone out and everyone was trying to leave. The wind was so strong that while stopped by traffic i looked behind my car thinking someone was trying to pick the backend up and found no one. I watched none working traffic lights fly in circles and one even laying in the street. In such a big city it was like the end of the world was going on. Trying to find safety we headed towards a mall area. At one point while driving I had a tree fall infront of me, and with the wet roads still to this day i do not know how i made it around the tree with out hitting it or skidding on the wet roads. After 10-15 miles of driving trought debris and a couple times through the median to dodge trees, powerpoles, and downed lines we made it to the mall. We set in target for about 5 mins untill a lightning strike took out the transformer. We decided to run through the raging storm to get home. My new Mustang in the front and Moms Roush Mustang following we started are way home. Dodging trees, debris, and through the high winds of the storm we made it to within 10 miles of the house without stopping. Trees blocked the road completely. Once cleared we made the last part of the trip through what looked like a ghost town due to damage and no power. The trip was like something from a movie. No other vehicle could have maneuvered through all the debris and stuff in the roads like our Mustangs. Thank you Ford!!!