Ridiculously Happy

Every morning when I open my door and face my garage I see a 66 Fastback Mustang and a 2011 GT younger brother. I simply cannot refrain a laugh of pure joy. I am very thankful to Ford for this.
Oz 05/13/2011
Wow this us great!!! I got the 11 GT and hope to get my hands on a 67 fastback!!! But the 11 GT is enough to put a smile on my face right now! Just give me an excuse and I'll get on that beast!!! 4 months down and I'm at 8000 miles already!!!
Jorge Figueiredo 05/04/2011
You are living the dream of many men and women!!! Some Dream of a Classic Mustang, others a brand new one YOU HAVE BOTH, Great congratulaions!!!
José Restini 05/01/2011
This is my garage! I cannot believe that it is in the first page of Ford's website today! This is unbelievable! I live in Brazil, in a city called Ribeirao Preto, in the state of Sao Paulo. It is particularly joyful to be able to have and maintain these two here. Thanks again, Ford!!!!!!!
José Restini 05/01/2011
Man I love these two cars.
Reagan Stowell 04/05/2011
I'll trade you a Dodge Caravan for either of them.
Ashley Goode 03/31/2011
Smiley Face!!