We first bought our 91 GT from the original owners in Oct 1992 and drove it until Apr. 1995 when it was pummeled with softball size hail. We traded it for our 1995 GT but never forgot about the 91. In Oct. 2000 we were visiting a town about 30 miles from ours and spotted a red GT on the front row of a used car lot. We got out and noticed it had the black interior so we began inspecting it a little closer. We discovered that it had the alarm light located on the steering column like ours did. We noticed it had minor hail damage still on some of the molding and tail lights and that someone had installed an aftermarket sunroof. It was Sunday and the lot was closed so we wrote down the VIN and returned home. We were delighted to find out that it was our car. We returned to the dealer the next day and brought her home where she will stay.