Reunited Again!

I own a 1998 Mustang. I loaned it to my brother, 9mths later, I found the car on a tow lot and heading for auction. He ran my car so hard and neglected it so much that it was unrecognizable to me. I was absolutely devastated. I love my Mustang so much and "Betty" (Betty is her nickname)has been nothing but faithful since the day that I bought her. The thought of "her" being on a tow truck kills me. Once I composed myself at the impound lot, it was time to see if "Betty" was finally coming home or if this was our final farewell. I handed the key to the tow truck driver, he popped the hood, connected the battery cables and it was time to see if "she" would start. Within minutes of being faced with a flood of emotions, I heard the sweetest growl coming from "Betty" as she fired right up. I have pictures of what 'she' looked like before I loaned "her" to my brother and pictures of the horrible condition that I got "her" back in. I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I stand behind Ford and will continue to only own Ford vehicles. "Betty" is by far, the best vehicle that I have ever owned. "She's" not very pretty right now, but slowly, we are trying to bring her back and made her beautiful like she was before. The phrase, "Built Ford Tough" has a whole new meaning to me! Thank goodness for such a strong vehicle! If this was any other car, it would not have survived this neglect. She is in need of a paint job, new window tint, 2 new tires, new Ford rims (the orignial rims are ruined from him hitting curbs) and new seats (the leather was slashed) and much, much more. I am just thankful that I found my car and 'she' lived up to the Ford name and continues to every day! Thank you , Ford, for making such wonderful, strong and safe vehicles. Please keep me in your thoughts as I slowly rebuild my "Betty". Thanks for taking the time to read this.