Reddie : A Dream Comes True !

By Carl A.

What a wonderful dream !!
Especialy, for french people as me, be an owner of a Mustang is like a real fantasm !
I bought my first one in 2009, "Blackie" a 1995 GT convertible model and it was simply amazing ! But Now, since end of 2011, I'm in anoter planet ! What a so exciting one named "Reddie" . It's a red 2005 GT premuim convertible and it a pure delicious moments of happyness with it .
Membreship of Mustang Club de France", I participate to all events, meetings, crusing that I can and each time with the same pleasure.
"What a dream" it's definitely the right expression. (Quel rêve is french one ;-) )
WIth all my best.
Carl A 05/29/2012
Thanks Dave !! It's really a incredible pleasure to ride with this pony car !
As I'm a member of Mustang Club de France, we have a lot ot opportunities to participate to a lot of events as our Mustang Day, our annual meeting on a race track .
What a lot of fun and happyness with this prodigious Stang !
I definitely love it !!!
Dave E 05/04/2012
Beautiful Mustang! I'll bet it gives you great joy cruising the French countryside.