Pump The Brakes

A couple years ago I asked my grandmother if I could take Grampa's old mustang that my cousin was fixing up out for a spin. It was the car my mother and uncle grew up driving in southern Washington state on super windy roads. I grabbed the key and went to the garage. My younger cousin and I hopped into the car. I slid the key in and took a deep breath. I turned the key and... it tried to start, but it wouldn't turn over. I tried it a couple more times and then looked up to see my uncle chuckling in the corner. He said "let me show you how it's done". I was 22 at the time and had no idea that you had to pump the gas a few times to get gas flowing into the engine. He got it started and I hopped back in. I took my cousin out for a spin... I had no idea this would be the first time I was driving a car without power steering (it hadn't occurred to me), nor did I expect my braking would skid the car at the stop signs. I stalled it twice and brought it back into the garage. That was the greatest car I've ever driven, and I'm a valet driver in Los Angeles.
william 12/05/2012
What a differance there is when i go from my 11 MCA edition back to the 65 with the 289 and 3-speed shifter... but what a kick in the pants, when i lay on the 2-barrel carb. And i do have to remember what i'm driving when it's time to stop... the old non-power drums work, but i am glad for 4-wheel disc brakes of today!
Stuart 12/05/2012
I had a 65 Coupe w ith a 289cu 2 barrel v8, A/C, PS, PB. Plus it had seat belts. When it was running at it's best it would start w/o pumping the accelerator. It also was pretty thrifty on gas if I kept my foot off the accelerator. It was a good car for the 100,000 miles I drove it. They were probably the best looking car of the muscle car era and they still look good. Probably why the new Mustang is as popular as it is.
Sue B 12/05/2012
Honey, THAT is the greatest car ANYONE has ever driven!
Mine was a 1967 and that beautiful, metallic, deep blue color.
Denise B 12/05/2012
OH, forgot to mention...you need to know how to manage the horsepower to operate manual steering and brake control...muscle cars are not for just anyone, takes someone who appreciates the fine machine
Denise B 12/05/2012
It's a classic muscle car...a classic MUSTANG....nothing can compare and the experience is something that stays with you forever...a first love...appreciating a perfect machine
Donna 12/05/2012
My daily driver!
Trevor 12/05/2012
I have a 1965 fastback, mostly original, aside from some outer body modifications.. and yes turning isn't to easy in these cars, but honestly I'v thought about it and I don't think ford expected people to stop for stop signs, because honestly unless you are behind another driver, it really isn't easy I guess would be the word, to stop. Because honestly these things don't like to stop or slow down. they go until out of gas, reason I like mine so much.
I own a '65 K-Code 2+2. Manual steering, manual brakes, manual transmission. I definitely understand where you are coming from with your story. It IS the greatest car I've ever driven but, it is not a brand-new car.

I'm also amazed at the safety improvements made by the auto industry. Optional front seat belts - no option for rear belts, 4-way flashers - optional & not installed, windshield washer - optional & not installed, drum brakes rear and front (front disk were not available until later in '65). But no other car will get people's attention like she does.