Passing Down The Love Of Mustangs To My Daughter!

I absolutely love Mustangs! From the time of could drive I owned a Mustang. Me and my late husband met because we both had Mustangs. Our Mustangs matched besides the colors, so it seemed meant to be. Unfortunately, when I got pregnant I had to make some sacrifices and one happened to be trading in my Mustang. I worked so hard to own my dream convertible Mustang but gave it up to have my daughter. Then by the time she was two, I got one back! She loved the air blowing through her hair. So for her third birthday what better present then to get her a matching PowerWheels Mustang to match her Mommy. We took pictures together and she absolutely loved, even wanted to sleep in it. My daughter can spot a Mustang anywhere we go. If you ask her what kind of car she wants when she can drive, her reply "a GT, like Mommy." I love my daughter and my Mustang so much!!