Pass Them On .

By Judy G.

In April of 2003 my husband had just received his one hundred percent disability from the Department of Army , and always wanted to own a nice Mustang , we shopped around and he found this cherry red 2000 convertible Mustang which he bought. He loved the car but still didn,t seem powerful enough for him , we took it back to the dealership for a tune up and my husband Roger was talking to the salesman about the mustangs and that he was looking for something impressive , the salesman said I think I have just was your looking for , someone just brought it in on trade for a new one. He took us back in the back and showed us this 2002 silver convertible Mustang Roush , which my husband just fell in love with and bought it on the spot. So thats how I ended up with the 2000 Red Mustang which I still Have. My Husband passed away two months later in June 2003 . I am so glad he got to enjoy the car for a few months .