Parade Of 51 For 50 Years Of Mustang

My hometown Mustang Club was invited to the Independance Day Parade. Bountville, TN is about 3000 in population. The request put out was for 50 Mustangs for the parade. As I was in town visting family for the event, I volunteered my car, my son and dog for the event.I was given order to appear at 1pm on July 4th.My son and I drove up and were warmly greeted by the assembled Mustang fans. As we waited for our turn to drive down Bristol Highway, we were cheered on by the locals from their front porches who allowed us to wait in their neighborhood.Once on the main drag, the Mustangs kept rolling. Everything from 64 1/2 Convertibles to 2014 GT500s. Grandad reported the "Mustangs were half the the parade!" The crowd cheered and asked to "Rev it up."The local constabulary were on hand in their Mustangs pronounce the way. Miss Mustang led the ensemble followed by a throng of red, white and blue Mustangs.My son and I missed the 50th events this year. But being in a small town July 4th parade with really great Mustang fans made up for it in spades.
Te C 10/04/2014
Great you participated in a parade for the 50th.  It  is always fun being in a parade of mustangs, no matter how many there are.