Our Three Ponies

Back in 1994 I decided to give up the motorcycling for a Mustang convertible. I ended up buying a 1969 original owner convertible, restored it that summer and started cruising with my wife and two small daughters. In a few years we found ourselves driving the convertible more and more enjoying the open ride. I decided when I turned 50 in 2003, I would buy a newer Mustang that I could drive all the time. After shopping and compairing I decided on a Cobra covertible. The only issue was I couldn't find one I could afford having three children and a family to support. I settled on a low mileage 1995 GT convertible in 2004. Even though we were having a blast with the 95 GT, I still wanted a Cobra. In 2005 I found a 98 Cobra convertible that needed some repair but was one that we could afford. I bought it and fixed it with the intention of selling my 95 to recoup some of the cash spent on the 98. Mind you, we still own the 69, that's my baby. One day my wife asked what I had planned for the 95 as she loved that car. I told her I had intentions of celling it and actually had someone interested. She then told me she liked that car and wanted to know if we could afford to keep it as she was using it in the nice weather. So that's the story of our three ponies to date. We have a 69, 95, and 98 convertible in the barn. Fun cars!