Oregon's Green Machine.....

Always wanted a mustang, never could afford one in high school. But told myself someday I would have one. That was back in 1978. Now here it is years later and
I had the chance to buy one, it belonged to my neice in California. She had bought it to use for college, and had dreamed of restoring it. But it never happened, so she was
wanting to sell it. Here was my big chance that I had dreamed of. It was pretty sad looking, all faded, torn seats, head liner hanging down. But she was all there, just waiting to come to life again. So I bought her, loaded her onto a trailer and away we went.......Home. Home to Oregon. That was in 2001. It took a great friend who did the paint job, and family who did everything else. Those years spent restoring were worth it all. She is my pride and joy ! She is one of Oregon's finest !