One Great Big Brother

I’m 45 years old and for most of my life all I have wanted was a Mustang. I’ve loved everything about them, all years, all models. I have started many times to save up money to purchase my very own but something has always come up to take my dream away. Kids, house, and medical bills… you name it.
A few years ago a friend of mine picked up a perfect 94 SVT Cobra with the intent to drive it a bit, show it a few times then sell it. I fell in love with this car at first sight. The look, the sound and the feel of this car was everything I wanted. My friend agreed to hold on to the car until I could save a bit more money to purchase it.
A few months later, like many times before, something came up. My wife had lost her job and my Mustang money would be needed to feed the family. I had to let my dream go. But as I told myself may times before I would start saving up again as soon as we got back on our feet and at some point in the future I would get my Mustang.
A year or so later I took my family to a nice Sunday afternoon car show to check out the cars and hang out with my big brother Steve. As soon as I arrived at the show I noticed my friends 94 Cobra. I went over to say hi to him (and the Mustang) and found my brother checking out the car. He said my friend was walking around but I should check out the mods he did to the car. I walked around and didn’t really notice anything. My brother Steve reached into the car and pulled out the show registration. Next to owner was my name. WOW!
After about twenty minutes I was finally able to breathe again and took a seat in my very own Mustang. No matter how long I live, what other cars I own or drive, this will be the best car in the world. Not only because it was my first Mustang, but because it was the gift from one of the best big brothers in the world.

Thanks you Steve.