Nothing Like Owning A Mustang!

My first car was a 1968 Ford Mustang. I bought the car from a girl who I went to high school with, for $250.00. That was about all I had saved at that time, so my Dad helped me with the insurance for it. Thanks Dad! When I bought the car, it had a dent in the backend of it. At that time, it would have cost about $500.00 to fix it. The car ran great! It was green with the turn signals in the hood, and had a 289 in it. I drove it for a few years and traded it to a guy I worked with at Six Flags, for a 1969 Mustang. I kept the 69 Mustang for a few more years. One night my older brother tried to sneak out with my car, and backed it into a tree. Since then I have owned many different cars, but always loved the Mustang. In September of 2006, the time was right for me to buy a new 2007 Mustang. Thanks to my life long friend Dean, who works for Ford, I got a great deal on it! I thought this was the car I should keep. Now that I’ve seen and test driven the new Mustang, I decided to up trade it for a new 2012 Mustang. My thanks go out to Dean again for making it happen! This car is awesome! I recently drove it from St. Louis Missouri, to Harpers Ferry West Virginia. I was sometimes able to get over 30 mpg. I now have a dependable car that should last me for many years. If you have never driven a Mustang, you should check it out!
Peter W 11/30/2012
You are making me very envious , ilove my falcons that i drive in Australia i currently own a 2010 FG G6 Falcon which i would trade in a hearbeat to drive any 5th Gen Mustang Coupe ,icant wait anther 10years for my dream car ,you are so lucky in the USA to have mustangs i have always loved Mustangs since i was a kid watching the Night Staker and that guy drove a 1st Generation Mustang in that show.
Michael A 06/15/2012
I have a 2012 Mustang Pony Edition with the 6-speed stick in Kona Blue. I added the Raised Pedestal Spoiler a Running Ponies Door Stripe to make it mine.
My first Mustang was the 1974 V-6 Hatchback with a 4-speed stick.