Not2fear Winter 2011

By Jody A.

N2F. Well my storey starts when I was 23 and just got married and wanted that 1993 mustang notchback, but it was not in the cards at that time. Family work etc… so fast forward 18 years and I finally got it, A 1993 Notchback. I love this car that no one can understand, also the theme of the car is Not2Fear, Plates and all. The 2000 have not been so kind to me except for N2F. I lost both my Mom and Dad then my Nephew and just last year my sister. That is when I decided to go get my dream car and have a tribute to my Family members. My plans for the car are complete restoration in stages, as the budget allows this winter I am doing some Fixing and upgrades. I have the front clip off and sandblasting the inner fender and smoothing the engine bay, and then using the por-15 paint on it, trying to keep the rust at bay down the road when I have the money I would love to put a new motor in it that will finish the tribute that I am doing, people often asked me what the Not2Fear means and only I truly know good luck to all with your projects…
Dave Tidwell 12/27/2011
Ahhhhh a '93 LX notch...... I'm guessing deep jewel green metallic. We put a 347 Crawford stroker in mine and kept it till 2001. Good times !! If you follow suit, you'll be gettin' a Cobra next !! ;-)