No Test Drive Needed.

My mother always wanted a Mustang and talked about how she would own one, one day, even thought she drove a Mini-Van. For three years she test drove Mustangs. She always said I like it but no not this one. Then in 2005 the new body style came out. The 2004 modles were priced cut and the dealer in Salem Virginia just got their first 2005. So me and mom drove a 2004 because we thought we could get a good deal. Once again she said "no not this one". So we get out and are walking up the lot talking to the dealer when mom spots a new 2005 setting there. The dealer didnt want to test drive it because he wanted no miles on it since its the first one they had got. Mom asked for the keys just to start it up and look at it which the dealer said was fine. She set in it and started it up and reved the engine and said this one. My Mom got the car without ever test driving it.