No Longer A Dream

Ever since i was a little my dad had diferent cars but there is two that seemed to had cought my attention since day one. I still remember when my dad bought his 1977 Ford F250, it was a bronze color with big tires, he brought it home and my mom was not happy she didnt like the fact that it was lifted and a single cab, since I come from a big family. The second car was a 1969 ford mustang coupe i remember seeing my dad driving up the street with his new charcoal grey mustang, it was loud and i liked it. Those two cars were the two that cought my eye and there was something about em that had that i want it feeling. At the time i was only in elementary so i couldnt drive but i like riding in them. When i was in high school my dream car was a 69 mustang but they were pretty rare and a bit expensive. After graduated high school i joined the Air force and was looking for a new car unfortunately at the time i didnt have much money so i got a white 1989 ford Tempo ( yes i know not something to brag about but got me places during my first 2 yrs in the Air Force, hey it a FORD thats what counts) after two years in had saved some money to buy a new car i was very exicet cause i was in the market for a new 2003 Mustang. Right about when i was ready to go buy my car, I received order to deploy to Iraq. During my time in Iraq i kept in touch with my family back in California from time to time. During a call back home one of my brother tells me that his new neighbor down the street a retired Navy guy has a 1969 Ford mustang for sale. That same day without even knowing how the car looked or the condition it was in, I called my bank and wired transfered the money for my brother to get the car. At the end of my tour i was desperate to get home and drive my new car, it wasnt a brand new one but even better a classic. A classic similar to the one that my dad had. When i got home a saw the car and fell in love with it ever since that day i have kept it nice and clean. Since i bought it has gotten a new motor new paint new wheels new interior and still in great shape used as a daily driver.
Dave E 04/16/2012
Great story! That's a beautiful Mustang. I would love to have one like it.
Fabian 03/30/2012
It's was well worth the wait. Congrats