Never Gave Up.

By Sean K.

It was the winter of 2011, and as the year was slowly going out, so was my transmission. The automatic transmission was slipping, and a sensor inside the transmission had gone bad so it thought it was in second gear all the time. I was forced to sell my first car and my first true love. I was selling my little 4 cylinder Notchback for $2,500 and was buying a 1990 Trans Am for $2,300. So I would of walked away with a bright red V-8 Trans Am with a 5 speed and t-tops and all the options including leather seats, but I didn't.
As the pony limped down to the car wash one last time I literaly began crying at the thought of never driving her again. After reminiscing about all the times this little car never let me down and was always there for me when I needed her most I decided I would throw out the failed automatic transmission and replace it with a 5-speed.
I ordered the transmission, driveshaft, reverse light, bell housing, shifter with boot and bezel, and a new clutch and flywheel off of ebay and various Mustang restoration sites. Slowly, all the pieces eventually came together after countless trips to several local Ford dealerships and the swap took about a week with the help of a couple buddies and the best autoshop teacher a kid could ask for. In total the swap ended up costing a little over $1,200 leaving me pretty scrapped for cash, but my reward was driving my favorite car once again! To most this car isn't much because it doesn't have the famous 5.0L V-8 under the hood, but to me this car is much more than that, it is family and will always be apart of my family because it's a Ford and it'll run till the end of time and maybe even a little after that! I love my Mustang!