Nana's Mustang

I recently took delivery of a beautiful black 2011 Mustang 5.0. I am a 71 year old great gramma and when I purchased this car, I thought my kids (4 sons and a daughter) would think I was nuts, until one of my sons said: every granny needs a toy! Well I love my "toy", her name is Miz Sally. I don't know much about engines and such, but I love the looks, the get up and go and how the interior lights up pink! My sons and grandsons all have hot rods, now I can join them and be part of the gang when they show off their cars at "cruise night:". Some times my car gets more attention than theirs......I love it, and love my Mustang!
martin s 08/07/2014
awesome! I love the story!!
Helen A 07/26/2014
I want to win a new Ford
Doug H 07/04/2014
Very nice car. Hope you enjoy driving it for many years. Doug in Charleston, SC.
Jorjette J 04/21/2014
You are adorable....will you adopt me?  Love the 'Stang!
allen t 04/02/2014
very nice
Robert R 03/13/2014
Anthony L 11/12/2013
Enjoy it!
Stacey B 11/06/2013
Way to go Nana!! I'm 46 & have a 2008 GT & love every moment in it!! Enjoy your toy!
Tamon B 10/27/2013
Haley Ford C 09/23/2013
Nana That's one sweet ride!!
Rick K 08/30/2013
Awesome story.
Jay S 08/22/2013
Waited 48 years ... but finally bought a new 2013 when I retired at 62!!!!  I LOVE your car and the fact that YOU own it!  
Michaela D 08/04/2013
love it
Melissa 10/30/2011
Really nice car. it's all about the looks for me too... not so much the speed. Great artical.
Rogelio Méndez 10/28/2011
the passion for these cars has nothing to do with age, so I have faith that one day I will too. Congratulations!
Robin Crandall Martin 05/06/2011
You go Nana,I'm a Nana myself had a 95 gt 5.0 loved that car,i envy u,if i could afford it i would have an exact replica of the one u have absolutely BEAUTIFUL enjoy it u deserve it......
Jennifer Hausman 02/14/2011
i think that is awesome, Nana and I hope I still have one in my 70's!
Rand Boland 02/14/2011
no you're not nuts, your living, and boy are you living da stang is beautiful
Marius Narita 02/10/2011
free car mustang nana for my(((
JJ 02/09/2011
Don Bond 02/02/2011
Nice car Nana, watch out for the other guy he try to get you. I have a convertible 90 mustang and seems like every time I drive it some tries to run into My Pony.. Enjoy the Drive...
warren hinder 01/17/2011
Well done love, and a fine choice in cars......
Colt Eliason 01/10/2011
The little old lady from pasadena!!!
Shivi 01/05/2011
Awesome car, terrific decision........ go on and show the boys who\\'s got the real fast and furious Cheers
Don 12/05/2010
Excellent Choice Nana, I've owned my 2006 since 2008 and it's a convertible GT. Love the car, hate the payments but worth it. Bought at the higth of the gas crunch and stole it for under $18K. Has Aftermarket Performance Chip, Borla Exhaust with Flowmasters and KLN Induction. Dyno'd at 365 HP. Wishing you many happy safe years driving your new Mustang, it's a beaut...Oh, by the way I was 55 when I bought mine so us seniors rock when it comes to car choices....;-)
GL 12/05/2010
Hey Nana - Congratulations on your purchase of Miz Sally. She's a great looking car and I know that you'll never regret the day you bought her. I'm a 73 year old, silver haired grandpa that has had Mustangs since my first purchase of a '65, 2+2 fastback in 1966. My cousin and I used to have fun racing each other (he had a '66 Shelby GT 350) and of course on a track. He won.........most of the time. I am currently the owner of a stock, original 1966 Mustang Coupe (A-code) A/T; 1965 2+2 Fastback (in the rehab stage); 1990 5.0/5 sp/convertible and a 2008 Bullitt.
Have fun!
Patrick L. 12/04/2010
God bless you Nana! I am so thrilled for you! You obviously have great taste in vehicles. May you have many, many years of enjoyment in your awesome new Mustang!
Michelle 12/01/2010
That's right! Rock it grandma! MUSTANGS ROCK! I hope to be getting one for Christmas! Heck YEA!
Nana 12/01/2010
Hang in there, you will realize your dream one day. Like me, other priorities will come along first, then one day, when the time is right, you will appreciate it even more!
Logan 11/30/2010
I am 18 and I own a 1996 V6 Mustang with a 5 speed manual tranny. I just went and test drove a 2011 all black 5.0 GT, just like your's. It has been my dream ever since I can remember to own a brand new Mustang and ever since the 5.0 has made its reappearance it has only made me want one that much more. Hopefully one day I will be able to get the 2011 5.0 of my dreams, or maybe if I'm lucky even a 1969 Boss 302. :p Anyways, congrats Nana, if only we could all be so fortunate and lucky.
Arne Quist Pedersen 11/27/2010
Hallo Granny. Very good gone. I`m also so happy as owner of a Mustang Convertible 289C from 1966.
I have bought it on E-bay, Aug 2009 from St. Louis Missorry, Daniel Schmitt Classic Cars, and have got it shipped to Denmark. There is a picture of the car on my profil on facebook. I´m 76 years old and as you I allso just thought, what is my kids thinking. but it was of course OK. In the past summer I have been driving 6000 miles, but now it´s garaged for the winter because they are salting the roads here in Denmark. The car is a one owner from California and have never seen salt. Have a nice winter and a happy Christmas.
Nana 11/26/2010
Mustangs have always been a great car, regardless of the age of the driver, The elder community should never be discrimanated against for wanting to drive the car of their choice as long as they are able to drive responsibly. Even a young person could ruin a Mustang or any other car for that matter!
Trevor Nightingale 11/25/2010
Go Granny Go a Mustang is for life and the life in your Mustang,I own a 1999 v8 GT and have doe since I was 55 and now i`m 62 I to love my Mustang its colour or color is laser red Yes its winter in the United Kingdom too and it will be garaged and possibly come out on the sunny but none salted road days when the tarmac is dry,I`ve alwayswanted to own onesince the 641/2 Mustang first made its appearance in the U.S. and now I own one and I LOVE it. I`ve always owned Ford vehicles evev though the were the English versions so now I have a proper one
ayad ford 11/25/2010
I think you have nice gusto Nana
lisa 11/24/2010
Love it.....thumbs up!!!!!!!
Marco Ryll 11/24/2010
Ford Mustang-oo god-i love this car
Alex 11/24/2010
Nana you sexy lady!!
Rasim Husani 11/24/2010
I like ur car Nana, it's still my dream ;)
Mike Lawrence 11/24/2010
Beautiful car Nana!!! Let em know!! Age ain nothin but a number!! I have 2 of own at the age 18... Thought I was doin something... Shoutouts to all Ford families!!
goobalicious 11/24/2010
The question on everyone's mind... did Man's get the the 6 speed manual transmission?
Elle 11/24/2010
I'm 60, and my '07 Shelby GT500 convertible (torch red) turns heads. But so do my 3 retro T-Birds. Retirement is SO much fun, fun, fun!
Kate Locke 11/24/2010
I am a 53 yr old grandma and I have a 2010 Mustang GT, 5 speed, in Red Candy! Her name is Nellie and I LOVE HER! My "BONUS" grandkids tell everyone that their grandmda has a Mustang. LOL!
cesar 11/24/2010
way to go nana..this is the real american car, just for you, and congrats for being part of the mustang familiy!!!!!
Cliff 11/24/2010
that is beautiful! I want one
John 11/24/2010
Mustangs have been ruined by the elderly community
Kira Jade 11/23/2010
Woop woop Nana!!! Miz Sally is a beauty. Come on people... Don't I have the coolest grandma on the planet?!! Yeah! Love you nana xoxo
Anthony 11/23/2010
Go Nana! I'm loving the new Mustang. Can't wait to see it in person!
Nana 11/23/2010
Thank you everybody for the support and wonderful comments on Miz Sally! Thank you Ford for building a beautiful car just exactly what I wanted. We really are a Ford Family. Papa drove a 1983 Ranger for nearly 20 years and over 200,000 miles before handing it down to grandson. He then got a
1997 (used) F150, which eldest son now drives. Papa now drives a 2005 F150 which he loves. I've had a 1969 Cougar XR7 which I drove till it was 20 years old, the list goes on. Every one of these vehicles gave us excellent service! All built Ford tough!
Anthony 11/23/2010
Go Nana! I'm loving the new car. Can't wait to see her in person!
Ruby 11/21/2010
My first car was a '64 Mustang. It was a great car to drive. Glad you got the car of your dreams. You set the bar high for the rest of us Nana's. Have FUN!
Merle 11/21/2010
U R a foxy gramma! No wonder you are so young!
Heaven 11/20/2010
Nana you "ROCK". You got great taste in selecting colors. Black is Beautiful especially in a mustang.
Pickles 11/20/2010
No Say I neva tell U... Go Granny, enjoy while U can, it beats riding in da rain on da back of a "hog".
Luv U, God Bless
NISHANTH 11/20/2010
What it matters is what u have. i love that car.may be i can own one when i turn 70 too. u are a true inspiration. Way to go granny. you are the coolest ..
Joe & Stephanie 11/20/2010
Grandma's Mustang is a stand out at the Rod Runs. Look out rodders the heads are turning her way. Thanks for being you. See you at the next Car Corral.
Damon 11/20/2010
Congrats nana on your hot rod! You deserve it. Love those pink lights!
Mom 11/19/2010
Think there might be a chicken for dinner?
gonville 11/19/2010
of course they think you are nuts,,enjoy it before they try to take the keys
Paul McWilliams 11/19/2010
It must be great to see the faces of the young guy's who get dusted by a Mustang,driven by a Grandma! I love it!
MIke 11/18/2010
Nice, let's take it to the track Mom..... like Dad used to do with your XR7.......
Kathy Brookbank 11/18/2010
I to am a Grandma and love my Stangs ant so do my Grandchildren and my 20 year old love to drive it too, even thoughh he has a big truck, and both ours are stick shifts. Way to Granny.....
Nana C 11/18/2010
Thanks for the comments, love your license plate suggestion, just might go for it!
nana C 11/18/2010
Nana is from HawII. This is where Miz Sally resides!
Donna 11/18/2010
Congrats Nana! I traded my 2004 GT back in August for a 2011 Sterling Gray 5.0. I was sad to be giving it up however when I got behind the wheel of my 5.0..WOW. Lots of luck to you.
Bob 11/18/2010
Is NaNa from Pasadena?
Dave 11/17/2010
Wow! Now I know why John Force drives a Mustang!
Daniel 11/17/2010
Cool Nana !
PapaD 11/17/2010
Love it Keep on Cruizing Nana!
Danny c (PaPaD) 11/17/2010
Coolest Nana I've ever seen. Keep on cruzin!
John Gabriel 11/17/2010
I love it too, but !!! I love the looks of the chevy camaro---wooooow...
david 11/17/2010
keep it like this , you are a real car keeper !!
Keith 11/17/2010
In 1969, my grandmother, a lover of cars, gave me her '63 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe. She said she was getting "Too old to shift." The car: Black with rangoon red interior, Borg warner T-10 4 spd, and a 289 HiPo! At the time, no one really knew what the car was, and the parts guy would have to look under the hood before selling me the dual points for the centrifugal distributor! It had solid lifters and "Ate" spark plugs (every 6,000 miles) but, It was a rare "K code" car, and I messed it up pretty bad before selling it for $100 in 1972. if I knew then...
Hank Wilson 11/17/2010
You are one cool Nana! I am a 61 year old Grandpa with an '08 G.T. My family gave me up for crazy long before I bought the car. Your '11 has 100 more horsepower than mine, it oughta be quick! Now you need to start looking around for a matching, flamed, black Harley!
b belto 11/17/2010
You go Grannie, I'm 52, and I just purchased my 1st mustang, a 91LX, it's a project car, and coming along fine so far.. Love the color. I hope you went with the 6 speed moma, you deserve it!!!!
Paul smith 11/17/2010
Good for you, Henrieta, go grannie go! This old fairy (63) has been cruisin' round in a mustang for yrs. & luvin' it.
Brad Christie 11/17/2010
Ever since I was a kid I've wanted a mustang; beginning with seeing pictures on the cover of calendars and on TV (need I even mention Eleanor or Steve McQueen?) From there I progressed to getting a closer look through friends of the family. Later on my uncle purchased one and had "Piccoli" printed on the passenger-side dash (Italian for "small" since it is the smallest in his armada of F-350s and Supercabs). I remember sitting in the back of my mom's explorer dazing out the window only to catch a glimpse of a Mustang go by and, me being the dreamer at heart, turn around and watch it carry on thinking "I'll own of those some day".

Well, finally this year I turned my dreams in to a reality. With all the hype of the 5.0 returning and me purchasing Ford's stock back when it was 2.11/share and everyone telling me I'm crazy I felt what better way to prove them all wrong and put my good intuition to work! I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful blue GT and it's everything I've wanted. For anyone else that's been just sitting and waiting for the right moment and standing by the wayside contemplating I can confidently say it was the best decision I've made. I just wish I didn't wait until May, 7 months of driving it just isn't enough! (I'll be storing it for the winter so my Eddie Bauer can make a re-appearance.)

I just wanted to thank Ford, Alan Mulally, and the rest of the Ford crew for everything. If you couldn't tell, I'm an avid Ford enthusiast and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Steve C 11/17/2010
I am a 60 year old car guy from NH still dreaming of having my hot rod Mustang like yours (exactly like yours) and still hope to do so. You are proof that it is never too late. PS, good lic plate for you or me would be NVR2L8! Very cool color and good choice on the new 5.0, I'm jealous!
Peter T. Abate 11/16/2010
I love this story
Feisty filly 11/16/2010
YOU GO GIRL!!!! Make US proud!!!!!
Stacy 11/16/2010
I Love your car and the color is so pretty.... I feel the car fits you well.... I also just bought a 2010 Mustang GT and I'm 40 yrs old... I'm sure people thought I was nuts too but I say you only live once and you might as well enjoy what you can... I know I am because I Love my new ride!!!
Stan 11/16/2010
Really nice car...I would really like one myself only in the convertible...always been a Mustang Guy..I have had 3 of them ! 1964 1/2 1967 and 1985... That new 3.71 6 sounds very interesting too.
I have my 2011 convertible all rigged out but other priorities now, even at 68 yrs
Enjoy your car !
Julie Rife 11/16/2010
I love it! Go Nana! That is a gorgeous car! I love my 1998 Mustang too and plan on getting a new one to go along side of her! Best car ever!!!
Mark 11/16/2010
Haha their you go. Mustangs are very nice and I can't wait to get my hands on a 2011 Mustang 5.0.... Go granny!
BigDog 11/16/2010
Like a boss!
Marie 11/16/2010
Way to go!!!!!! I got my first Mustang 6years ago and I love it. I had it painted Grabber Orange and it's the only one in the area that colour ,it's a 2002. Gets sooooooo many looks from ages 3 to 90. I'm going to sale this winter as I want to get a newer one > I will miss it though! You're never too OLD for a MUSTANG!!!!!! :)
Barb in Michigan 11/16/2010
I bought my Colorado Red 06 GT when I was 56. Have added tasteful chrome and love her.
My Dad was a private pilot. I hated practicing stalls , so she's my plane. Hate to see her go under wraps for the Winter , but she will soon. She has 13, 500 miles on her. Only been in the rain 3 times.
jay 11/16/2010
go grandmaw...
Tina 11/16/2010
LOVE IT!!! and Love MY Mustang!
Arleen 11/16/2010
Congratulations! You go Grandma!!
Arleen 11/16/2010
Congratulations!! you go Grandma!!
Sarat 11/16/2010
That's the car i love. We don't get it in India. I've never seen one in real, maybe when i visit US in the future. Dear Granny wish u great fun.
Stefano 11/16/2010
I'm 20 years old, and hopefully I can get at your age with a mustang ... as soon as I can, mustang will be my first and last car ... enjoy it! Greetings from a dreamy Italian
Pat Miller 11/16/2010
I am a Nana at age 53, you go girl, I love your Ford Mustang. Kind Regards Pat.