I am a HUGE mustang fan. When I was 16 my father taught me to always buy American and specifically, Fords. He had a blue V-6 Mustang that I was sooooo eager to drive. It looked great and would fly! When I turned 18 in 1985, I was proud to buy my first Midnight Blue Mustang LX without a co-signer. This established my credit. Years later I am on stang #6. I just bought a 2008 Red/Red Leather GT and locked the satellite radio on the oldie's channel. I call her "Christine". Thanks Ford for making such a magnificent machine. There is no better looking, more stylish or better value muscle car in the world. Keep 'em coming Ford!

Dana Bruce
Clearwater Beach, FL
Jenni 09/30/2010
I hope to be a longtime Mustang owner as well. I'm 16, and a few months ago I bought my first car, a '95 teal V6 Mustang. It's great!
gerald sofranko 09/24/2010
I was rather interested in a fusion after driving one today. I was taking the Ford survey story awhile ago and suddenly I got the comment I didn't qualify --- how rude that was, I took the time to give an honest and not a wise guy comment type. Not sure I liked the immediate put down.