My Very First Car 1965 Mustang

By Zona M.

When I was 14 years old and in High School Reidland Kentucky , I had a full time job at Walgreens on Broadway in Paducah, Kentucky. I worked there a whole year and saved my money to buy a Mustang that was coming out in 1965 in the show room window of the local Ford company. I asked every week for the General Manager to hold this car for me I only need a little more money to purchase it. He would always laugh and say you better hurry they are going fast. With a salary of 1.75 cents an hour I worked week days and weekends to purchase this red ,beautiful car that stole my heart. I would drive up there almost daily to see if it was still there. I finally saved enough money and my dad went with me and sure enough , I bought my dream car. I loved it, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Under the hood there was chrome every where. all caps and covers were kept shiney like new money. I can honestly say it was worth every gruelling hour I spent working for it. Thanks FORD>3 Zona Meeks still owner and lifetime Fan. Zona Meeks
Great story.