My Trip To San Francisco: Mustang Style

I had been in a Mustang before, but I never had the chance to actually drive one. I had originally booked an economy car for my trip, but the car rental associate was doing his best to get me to upgrade. When he mentioned they had Mustangs in stock, I immediately gave in and said yes.

The 2012 Mustang was amazing. It's a heavy car (which I love) and the styling was spot on. Plus, it had plenty of giddy up, especially when going up those semi-perpendicular streets of San Francisco. I couldn't help to feel a bit conceited while driving this car around town and hearing that engine growl. It handles beautifully going around corners too. Everything about this car screams sophisticated, powerful, sexy and sporty.

This will more than likely be my next car after my lease ends with my Focus!