My Stangs

By Mark W.

I am a Mustang enthusiast. I have owned 6 in my life starting with a 1965 Coupe. Then a 1971 MachI; a 1978 King Cobra; a 2001 GT; a 2007 GT with MarkIII custom package; and my latest, a 2004 GT Convertible 40th Anniversary. I will own another classic MachI one day that I can restore. My screen name is always a play on words. Mustng959 (without the A and the year I was born). I've picked up the nickname "Mustang" from friends all the way back to my AirForce days. Imagine that!
Ford Social 06/11/2014
Hi Mark! Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for being a loyal fan of Mustangs! - Ford Social Moderation Team