My Sister's Mustang

Last fall, I was in a bit of a pickle and to help me out, my sister bumped up her new car timeline and bought a brand new 2013 Mustang. I was touched at the act but surprised in her choice to buy a Mustang. Classy and showy at the same time, Mustangs have never really screamed "Joannie", my sister's name.
I flew home to pick up the Honda and, while there, drove the heck out of that Mustang. She was a sweet ride, for sure. My sister and I come from a long line of gear heads and I could easily see why she loved it.
Fast forward to this morning. I received a terrible message from my sister at 9:45: "I've just had a horrible accident." And then no word for what seemed like an millennium.
I learned that she'd come up on a stopped SUV while on the highway and wasn't able to stop her 'Stang or even slow down in time before hitting the SUV. At impact, she was still traveling at approximately 50+ mph.
The engine was pushed back into the fire wall but did not breach the cabin. The driver's side airbags deployed from the steering wheel and the driver's seat, which was split from top to bottom. The passenger's side was fine - no airbags deployed as she was alone in the vehicle.
My Mom forwarded the two pictures I've attached. You'll notice the A pillars seem unbent and normal and the windshield isn't even cracked. The hood and engine compartment of the Mustang absorbed all of the impact.
My sister was knocked around a good bit. She has burns and bruises on both hands and arms and on her upper thighs. And that's it. No broken bones, concussion or other typical collision injury and for that, I am beyond grateful. I read about new car development and R&D all the time but never really considered it until today.
So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.