My Red She Devil

What was interesting is I went to the lot to look at a 2010 (gold and black). I had saw this one online and was interested in it as well. Wasn't at the dealership, Butch Ostalet when I got there, but was at their Wiggins store. They drove me up to look at it. Plain Jane mustang, V6 , but badged with the 45th Anniversary logo and loaded inside. Drove it back to Gulfport and took her home!
Began making it more me, I have always wanted a Mach 1 and the s197 body lends itself too it. Almost there - need rear window louvers and new front spoiler to complete the look.

My friend's in the local Mississippi Coast Mustang Club call her a "Shetland" pony as she isn't a GT or Shelby, but she always gets the nod from onlookers! She is #3 pony for me, have the 50th Anniversary in my sights! She is on the MCA site too as I am a member of the National organization as well. These cars are a part of history and Ford hit a homer with the retro look of the S197! They can be customized easily to make it unique. Unique she is!
Michaela D 02/19/2013
beautiful car! love the pony stripes