My Present

In Jan. of 2010 i turned 15 and my dad decided it was time to get me a car. He bought my other two sisters a car when they turned 15 as well. I started looking for one on the internet, i have always loved Fords and my dad is a Chevy guy and he wanted me to get one of them but i was going to get a ford. So i found a blue 07 mustang online. with 6,000 miles really only that. i showed the car to my and they didnt seem amused but i wanted that car so in june my parents went to town and when they came back they were talking about a car, but i didnt know what. So in the next few days they decided to take me to town and i had no idea where we were going. Then we pull into a dealership a Chevy dealership at that, but under the porch surrounded by tonss of chevys sat a beautiful blue FORD mustang. they had bought me that blue mustang and now i turn heads everywhere.
Sam Boswell III 12/31/2011
I bet you it made every Chevy there look bad. That is a good looking car.
Pamela Pierce-Palmer 12/19/2011
Ok I'm jealous for me but thrilled for u