My Pony With Added Hp

I bought my Mustang while serving in the US Army (1972-1974) It was completely stock 289 CID with under dash AC. While I was overseas it was used by my mom and a few of her friends. It went through a flood and the water was up to the windows. Needless to say it needed to be wrenched on. As a child I grew up from (9) years old turning wrenches and paint and body by (12) Yes my step dad had a shop and was always wrenching for the public and drag racing. So once home I took the car down and refurbished the body and removed the AC. I dropped in a 351 Windsor with Heads/cam, intake, and a Holly along with an FMX tranny and a low geared rear end. Keeping the stock look but adding the power made an awesome fast ride. Won so many races and was also my drive to work. I am thinking of doing it to my 06 Ranger STX now.