My Perfect "Nightmare"

Thanks to my dad, I've been hooked on Mustangs since I was a kid. As a baby I used to get put to sleep on the hood of his '82 GT with the engine running when I was fussy. My first car was an '89 four cylinder automatic, which I kept until the transmission started to go. This gave me an excuse to upgrade to a '93 LX with the 5.0 and a 5speed manual. The LX was a black on black car which I absolutely loved, but due to misuse by the previous ownerand lack of finances for a full restore I was playing a loosing game of catchup on all the little "quirks" the car had developed. I still held on to big plans for the car, wanting to have the body redone, a supercharger installed, and new blacked out rims and lights put on. Sadly the car was totaled during a heavy snowstorm on the Eastern Shore of MD when someone slid through a redlight and T-boned me, but as a testament to the car I walked away without a scratch. After a long search for a replacement for my beloved mustang a local dealer turned me on to a rare type of Mustang that was the perfect fit for me and was everything I was trying to do with the '93. They sold theirs before my wife and I were ready to buy, but 9months later and several states away in IN, we managed to track one down and buy it. I am now the pround owner of an '08 Blackjack that has affectionately beed dubbed Nightmare. Most people would never put that kind of effort or loyality into finding the perfect car, but Ford built the perfect machine with the Mustang and I intend to keep driving one as long as they keep making it.