My Mustang

By Evie A.

When I was in my early 20's, I got my first real job after college and bought a brand new Ford Mustang.  Black on Black.  I fell in love with the instrument panel -- the way it looked at night.  Totally cool.  I loved that car and drove it less than a year --until one night I was broadsided and the car was totaled....but I was OK.  It was kind of a miracle. 

Then, you know how it goes --got older, married, kids, carpools, vans, etc -- and I never owned another Mustang again. 

But someday, I'm going back to my first true love....only next time it's going to be a convertible!

Ford Social 08/18/2014
Hi Evie - Thank you for sharing your story. Such a shame your Ford Mustang was totalled, but we are glad you were okay! Be sure to check in with us when you get that awesome convertible! - Social.Ford