My Mom's 64.5 Mustang

By Kim B.

Being born in 1965, I grew up with my Mom's 1964.5 Convertible Mustang which she still owns to this day, I have lots of fond memories such as sitting in the back seat & it starting to rain & trying to find an overpass to put the top up quickly, we always had the top down as much as possible. I learned how to drive in her Mustang when I turned 16 & couldn't wait to have my very own Mustang one day. I've purchased the 1998 Cobra Convertible & then purchased the 2006 GT Convertible Mustang's so far. My Mom still drives her Mustang in the Summers, it's been kept in the original mint condition & she only has around 50K miles on her baby, I have more than that on my '06. We started showing it off during the Woodward Dream Cruise a few years back & have fun with a mother/daughter theme. My youngest daughter thought all convertibles were Mustangs growing up since her Grandma & Mom had them & I'm sure she'll be a proud Mustang owner someday soon. Great car, great memories!
Todd 01/13/2014
Great job Mustang Mom!