My Marketing Class Plan

When I was recently in a marketing class at DeVry University, I 'focused' on the newest iteration of the Boss 302 Mustang, for 2012 (the uploaded photo is from the Ford Motor Company website; I grabbed as one of my screensaver photos!). I had such a great time researching about it!! I went to the Ford site very often and studied about, not only the car, but the whole design and engineering team, along with the marketing leaders. I also watched a number of YouTube videos of the performances by several race car drivers, and others, who drove the car at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca track. Some of those videos were terrific and exciting to watch! They also were clear testaments to the promise of the new Boss. As the billboard says, "The Boss is Back!!". Go Ford!!
Marius Narita 01/06/2012
Best Ford Mustang