My Little Pony

Last August I got the opportunity to purchase a car that I've dreamed about as a kid. I never thought that I'd ever get this combination: a 5.0L, BLUE, manual transmission convertible. Well, one popped up in Kentucky for a great price. I took a trip to go look at it, and knew I'd be back. The car was located about 280 miles from where I live, so knew it would be taking a chance driving the pony home. However, the car was 100% stock, and being a 302, I KNEW it would make it. And it did! I have never had a problem with the car, it ALWAYS starts, and is an absolute blast to drive. This is hands down one of the best cars I have ever owned. It is always there for when my other car is getting moody and decided to not run.

Thank you Ford for making such a great car.... It may not be fast by today's standards, but that is perfectly fine by me. I hope to hang onto this one for a very long time!
Alec smith 11/02/2011
My dad has one just like that only its a 95