My Little Pony

Ever since i can remember I've always wanted a Mustang. My father always told me about his 69' Mach 1 with a 428 Cobra Jet engine put in. From then on, I was hooked on Mustangs. My first car was a 93 Buick Century Wagon. I love that car to death and was completely happy with it. But around 2 1/2 years ago my itch for a Stang came back stronger than ever. Paying for school and having a minimum wage job wasn't helping me on my excursion so I waited for the "right" one. Everyday I would be on Craigslist and would call countless people about their rides. It took me up until around a month ago to find the right one. A nearly spotless 96 Mustang GT 5 Speed with 92,XXX mi for $3600. A dream come true. I almost gave up on my attempts for a Mustang because of how many times i had been let down, but i am so glad i didn't. Because now i'm happier than ever.