My Little Blue Pony

My "little" Blue Pony has been the best car Ive owned. Rasied a Ford girl, my first car being 84 mustanf 4cyl, with a hood scoop! I bought a few mustangs through out my life, most recently in 07 I bought a 06 Mustang 6cyl, the car of my dreams and all financed on my very own thru Ford! I am a single parent & that its self was a HUGE accomplishment! Ford Credit has worked with me through unemplyment, sick time off with no pay, Nursing school and one day this dream will be paid off! However this so called Little Pony has just turned over 208,000 miles, been through 4 sets of tires, one temp control sensor and 2 alternators and last week first ever new windshield wipers, never has used oil and A/C still works! This car has been AMAZING! Its still beautiful and will out run most every car that trys to outrun this pony!One day when I can afford a new car, It will be another Ford!